Bug Bounties 101 For Beginners

How do you get started with bug bounties as a beginner? 🐞

How do you get started with bug bounties as a beginner? 🐞

One of the recommendations I got from a previous mentors was to get exposure using Intigriti’s monthly challenges. 

Every month, Intigriti organizes a CTF challenge with over 300€ worth of prizes to be won. The submissions for these challenges go through the Intigriti Bug Bounty Platform, meaning this is a great way to get some initial reputation and get started in your bug bounty career! 

You can also use this as an opportunity to write out your first walkthroughs, which gives you experience into the technical documentation side of ethical hacking and pentesting. Remember that documenting your findings and step-by-step breadcrumbs are just as important as the findings themselves. 

Here’s Intigriti’s March XSS challenge for those of you who’re looking to get some practice in! - https://challenge-0324.intigriti.io/ (FYI you can also still do the challenge as practice even after the original release-month!)

Let me know what you think and if you end up trying the challenge. Feel free to repost to help others who’re starting their ethical hacking journey!

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